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Zombies!!!! I mean, Vampires!!!!

19 Sep

Two separate conversations with John that merit their own “Vampire” post.

John: I’m a Zombie. Rah Rah*. I’m going to drink your blood.
Carol: That’s a vampire. Get your undead right.
John: I’m not a very smart zombie.

*Rah Rah are zombie noises

John: I don’t want your garlic breath!

Carol: I didn’t eat any garlic!

John: It smells like you did. Maybe you’re a vampire eater

Carol: What? How does that make sense?

John: Because vampires eat garlic

Carol: No, vampires are allergic to garlic. That’s why people hang garlic strings to ward them off

John: They’re allergic to garlic? What If the new-age vampires have outgrown the allergy…or what if they carry around an EPI pen?