The Duchess of Nowhere

My name is Carol. I live in Toronto. I have an air of self-importance, but still maintain a humble and modest life. And, most of the time, I don’t make any sense. You can see me on the big screen in films such as “Keep Dreaming” and “You are Awesome but Nobody Else Seems to Know it Yet”.

I recently got married to this guy named John, who is sometimes awesome, and sometimes drives me nuts. He’ll be mentioned often, so you’ll feel my pain (and love) in no time! I love acting, and writing (as I love eating and breathing), but don’t do much of either in my daily work life. Thus, this blog has come about to help me pursue my joy of writing nonsense. I hope you enjoy the blog of nothing as much as I enjoy writing it.

*Disclaimer: For legal purposes, all the real-life events that I mention should hereby be considered fictitious.


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