Mattress Lovin’

11 Oct

I am mattress shopping. Who would have thought it would be so difficult and stressful? Ah, the joys of first world problems.

Anyway, I have come to discover that most conventional mattresses are laden with chemicals, glues and toxins. You’re sleeping on this thing everyday, for years and years, yet we seem to gasp at the thought of a mattress costing more than a grand (ouch!). Yet, we often spend more money on a sofa that we spend 20 minutes on each day, rather than a mattress that we sleep on for 6-8 hours daily.
I’ve been doing tons of research on mattresses, and the so-claimed “best mattress in the world” is the cost of a mid-range car. Above my measly budget, but definitely something to dream about. It’s all natural, people rave about their amazing sleep on it, but it does require some special care. In its first year, you have to rotate it monthly, and MASSAGE it every couple of weeks. I can just imagine the conversations I’d have with my friends – they would all think John and I have become a super kinky couple.

Friend: Are you guys joining us for dinner on Saturday?

Me: No, sorry, we’re massaging.

Friend: OooOooh. Enjoy.

Me: No, no…we’re massaging our mattress.

Friend: Really, whatever you’re doing with your “mattress” is none of my business. *wink* Enjoy!


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